Whew, let me say it one more time, whew. Time has gotten away from me. I just realized the other day that I have not blogged since September. School this semester has been crazy busy, its my last official semester and I feel like I have not stopped since August.

If you are following me on IG you are probably sick of me talking about this but I cant help myself I had the best time. This past weekend I was able to take a break of sorts and go on an adventure to New York. Let me start by saying that this is a big step for me personally. As an introvert sometimes these kinds of situations can be tough but I will be the first to tell you that I had a BLAST and I can not wait to go back. On Sunday we went to BDNY where we were introduced to hundreds of commercial vendors( 2100 hundred rows of them). I met everyone from fabricators to flooring companies, I was in designer heaven❤❤. ( the slide show below features a few photos from that day)

Sunday night a few of us joined my teacher for dinner and then explored Time Square. I have been down there before but every time I go down there I am blown away by all of the people and the size of it..all of the buildings are hugggeee and lit up at all hours. I loved it, we shopped, went sight seeing and walked around for hours.

My favorite part of the trip was Monday. We visited the Decorations and Design building which houses so many ( I believe 300) different showrooms. Our visits included Elitis, Gloster, Garret Leather, Coco Mat and Maya Romanoff. Each of them offers different and unique things. My favorite part (aside from all of the yummy textiles and materials..yummy seems like an odd word but there isn’t one better for that Sunbrella textile or the leather) was listening to the reps talk about the products they were representing. They were so passionate about the products and the companies they were working for. I also found it interesting that each of the floors had a different look to them when you got off the elevator that reflected the vendors on that floor.

After all of the show rooms a few of my friends and I decided that we wanted to go see a little bit more of New York so we left and went towards central park. I have never been to the park before( we were limited on time so we didn’t really get to go in but we saw part of it from the street). One of my friends suggested that we go see the plaza hotel and I am so glad she did, boy was it something to see ( the mosaic tiles alone had us oohhing and ahhing, not to mention all of the marble). All in all I would say that the best part of the trip was the time I got to spend with my school mates outside of school. We got to get away from the stress and craziness to just be ourselves.

I left New York feeling very inspired with a very full heart❤😍🗽. I am so excited to go back.

my favorite quotes of the weekend: “We love students, we were once there” “We need designers like you” “We are excited for your future”

my favorite quotes of the weekend: “We love students, we were once there” “We need designers like you” “We are excited for your future”

Styling Bookshelves- A Glimpse Into My Mind

Hi Friends and Happy Fall🍁🍂.

It is finally starting to feel like fall here, its cooling down and I am loving it. Is it feeling like fall where you are ?

This weekend I worked in my “interior Design Studio” (This is what I have dubbed our spare room to be😂). This is going to be a room where I can go to feel creative and work on projects. While in there I noticed that I have a lot of stuff…a lot. Home decor is my jam I cant help myself.

Having said that on a recent trip to Ikea I saw the bookshelf of my dreams and realized it would be perfect for me to stage and style some of the home decor that I love.I love how big the bookshelf is and the overall look of it.

The wood and white paint is what sold me on it😍

The wood and white paint is what sold me on it😍

While I was in there I started thinking about how to style them, while it is still currently a work in progress, I think it is starting to come together(I am thinking of styling them next month with a fun fall vignette for some fun)I wanted to share a few tips on styling bookshelves that I have found helpful.

First- I put everything I wanted on the shelves out on my drafting table to help me decide where I wanted them. I loved being able to include vintage and new pieces in my styling. I also love to create layers, by that I mean that I chose things of varying heights and sizes so that there is visual interest. Visual interest is something I think is important in design, our personalities aren’t one dimensional so our homes shouldn’t be either.

These vintage book ends are a perfect way to highlight some of my vintage books. My mom bought these for me at a yard sale a few years ago.

These vintage book ends are a perfect way to highlight some of my vintage books. My mom bought these for me at a yard sale a few years ago.

I added my vintage phone which is one of my favorite vintage pieces. Also these little white houses 😍😍

I added my vintage phone which is one of my favorite vintage pieces. Also these little white houses 😍😍

Second I thought about adding a few pops of greenery, in this case I used faux floral’s. I used a small potted plant and some rose bouquets that I had laying around. I have always thought that greenery adds texture and movement to a space. plus for me plants always make me smile. I had a teacher who always said “when in doubt add a plant”, that is a mantra I live by these days.

Third and probably the most important tip I have is to love your home, if there is something that you love and you want to display it, I say Go For It!

How do you like to decorate your home to express your personality?

My First Lighting Project- Re-purposing Old Bulbs

I have had an interesting start to the semester but I have to say it is going to be a fun one.

For our first lighting project we had to think of a fun way to re-purpose old bulbs. I had a couple of ideas that I thought were for sure going to work but alas they did not. I finally came up with a winner..I call it "Growing Bright Ideas". I love how it turned out, to be honest I think I will be displaying this in my house. I think this idea would also be cute in a classroom or a little kids room(out of reach of course). 

old edison bulbs were used to make "light flowers" 

old edison bulbs were used to make "light flowers" 

The first step was to gather what I bought and lay it out. I bought a small terra cotta pot(it is chipped but I was able to hide it with flower petals), a foam ball, faux floral stems( of various shapes and sizes in the same bouquet) and floral tape at our local Walmart. We had the light bulbs laying around our house from an old fixture, any light bulb would work. 


Step two- gather the tools needed. I used wire cutters and floral tape as well as some muscle grease(more on that later). 


For the third step I decided which floral stems I wanted to keep as flowers and which I wanted to use for the light bulbs. I cut the flowers to various lengths, once they were ready I put the foam ball at the bottom of the pot and placed them in it. I tried to keep the light bulb stems in the center so that they could be supported by the surrounding stems. 


I bent the top of the stem and used some elbow grease to make it into a circle. Once it was in a sort of circular shape I wrapped it around the light bulb base and secured it with floral tape. I wrapped a ton of floral tape around them because I was so worried they wouldn't support the bulbs. Once I had the bulb flowers made I arranged them towards the middle of the pot so that they were in the "meatest" part of the foam ball. By that I mean that I could push them into more foam giving them more support.

I think it turned out great and my teacher really liked all of our projects. Everyone came up with there own creative idea. 


Weekend Catch Up

Hi Everyone.

We had a fun and busy weekend. I got to spend time with my best friend and my family. As I am sure everyone is busy trying to soak up the last bit of summer before fall sets in, I wanted to check in to let you know what is coming up on the blog. A fun school project( totally random way to re-purpose old bulbs💡), fall decor, a favorite fall recipe and more. 

I was so busy with my first week of school that I don't feel like I slept all week. It is a harder adjustment for me to transition from summer to fall semester then it is from winter break to spring semester. If you have kiddos getting ready to start school I understand the need for an adjustment when it comes to  getting back into the routine. Speaking of school I have some fun projects this semester that I am excited to be able to share with all of you. 

I want to hear from you...What are your favorite things to do in the fall? let me know in the comments below.


I love a nice cup of fall flavored coffee ( lately its been maple) and a cozy scarf.

I love a nice cup of fall flavored coffee ( lately its been maple) and a cozy scarf.

Back to School- my last semester

This summer flew by, is it just me? I feel like just yesterday I was wrapping up my spring classes.

I spent my summer working an internship that has honestly changed my life. As I go into this semester I feel far more confident that I have past semesters.  Transitioning from studying education was a bit rocky for me at first but I feel like I have found my purpose.  I will always love working with children, I just wanted to find a way to do it that fits my creative side more. One of my goals is to be able to design a kids room of some kind whether it be a nursery or a special place for a child to grow up in. 

This semester I am jumping into commercial design, lighting and color theory. I am excited and as I mentioned feeling more prepared. I say this now at the start of the semester so that when we are a month or so in and I am pulling my hair out from stress I can hold myself accountable 🤣😂. One of my goals this semester is to better organize my work as well as my time better to avoid stressing out to much but if I know me its unavoidable. 

All of that to say I wanted to share a few of my favorite things I will be taking with me to school and using at home to help me have a fun, successful semester:


I am looking forward to creating some magic this semester. This computer is going to be a lifesaver. 

I am looking forward to creating some magic this semester. This computer is going to be a lifesaver. 

I am excited to be able to share some of the fun projects I am working on this semester both at school and around our house. I hope everyone has a great week this week. 

Does anyone else love a good planner? I love this one because it has enough space for me to write everything and it also has some inspirational messages each month. Also my sister got these adorable push pins for me for my birthday( I cant wait to share what I am doing with them). 

Does anyone else love a good planner? I love this one because it has enough space for me to write everything and it also has some inspirational messages each month. Also my sister got these adorable push pins for me for my birthday( I cant wait to share what I am doing with them). 

Historic Homes- A look at my favorite town

If you have been following me on IG you know that I love St Michael's so much, I mean really love this town.It is my happy place, a place to relax and refresh. That is exactly what I am planning to do on our annual visit for my birthday. 

I mean can you even😍 DREAMY

I mean can you even😍 DREAMY

This historic town has been a part of my life since before I was even born( my grandparents used to have a house right outside of town).I tend to consider myself a local even though I don't reside here (when a shop owner confirmed it I was like SWEET). Every year for my birthday for the last 8 years we have been visiting the town. Over the years we have taken to visiting the town throughout the year, once you visit its hard to visit just once.

I love seeing all of the historic homes, I would be honored and so excited to have a chance to work on one of these homes but I digress. We were visiting one weekend and we stumbled upon an open house for one of these beautiful homes. I was in my glory; built-ins, brick, beams and hardwoods. The relator told us that the previous home owner built the kitchen light fixture


There are so many beautiful things to see in this town;the Maritime Museum, muskrat park, Christ Church( the Gothic style architecture, I die), The shops and the bay. A few places I recommend seeing and visiting are; Rise up Coffee- I dream about their coffee, it is organic and fair trade, not to mention some of the best coffee I have ever had. Foxys Bar and Grill-its right on the marina and it is always a good time(we love when the line cook sings), The Chesapeake Maritime Museum- you will get a glimpse into the history and life on the bay, Take me Home- this is just one of the cutest stores and she has the cutest things, The "O"- this mermaid store is located near the winery and she has all of the magical mermaid things, The Saloon- this local joint has some of the best food in town. JoJo's-When you are on vacation ice cream is a must(its a must all the time if you are me🍦🍨).

I could go on forever!! I will end this with a few of my favorite photos from around town( a few of the photos were taken to mark the changing seasons). 

My Summer Class- A very special project

Happy Monday everyone. Whew I have been super busy. Cleaning up after demo is no joke! Today I wanted to share what I have been up to for my class this summer.

For my summer class this semester I wanted to do an independent study and teach myself how to use sketch-up. Sketch-up is a computer aided program that allows you to create a 3 D model of things and/or spaces. I chose to create a bedroom suite for a young girl with special needs, specifically a young girl that is medically fragile. A former teacher that I worked very close with at the Cedar Lane School offered to be a second mentor on this project. She has in the past taught home and hospital so I thought she would be perfect for the job. As a person coming into a child's home to teach she would need a few things to help her help the child better. For those who aren't aware( its OK, I got you :)) home and hospital is for kids who are to sick to attend school as well as those who miss a lot of school due to their condition. In this case a teacher like my mentor would create lesson plans, gather supplies and visit the child on the scheduled date. 

snip 1.JPG

For comfort I added a specific desk space for the home and hospital teacher to use. In the event that the child is well enough to sit in their wheel chair I wanted them to be able to be pushed up to the desk. A desk with an open space under it is perfect for that. My mentor mentioned that there have been times when she has gone to teach and the child is still in bed, there is plenty of space for the bed to be rolled to the desk or for the teacher to roll the desk chair over to the bed. I was having a super proud of myself moment(computers and I struggle at times) when I discovered I could import textiles for the window treatments and accent pillows. I found two prints perfect for a young girl:). I also added a cozy chair at the foot of the bed for the child's nurse or care giver to sit in while the teacher is teaching. 

For the bathroom access I wanted to use a door that was easily accessible and didn't take up floor space with a door swing, I thought this paneled barn door was perfect for that. For my design I took the comfort of not only the child into consideration but also that of the care giver. A spacious bathroom with a roll in shower allows the child and the care giver to be in the space and use the space cohesivly.  

snip 2.JPG

Lastly I created a spacious closet that would allow for the child to be rolled in and out of, not only to help pick their clothes out( a girls always gotta shine)n but for them to be cared for. Often times children that are medically fragile require hygiene care as well. I chose to add a dresser with a changing pad out side of the bathroom, it feels less clinical and it also provides a better area for the care giver to move around in. I found a metal "hello beautiful" sign that adds a nice touch to the space, its a fun qoute for a young person to see and to hear. 

snip 3.JPG

Thank you so much for checking out this very special project that is close to my heart. After spending two years in a school where I worked hand in hand with medically fragile children, I can honestly say they changed my life:)

As you scroll through you will see both Duralee fabrics( one for the accent pillows and one for drapes), the Kravet accent chair and the Herman Miller office chair.

Paint Colors- Some Bold, Some Neutral

Happy Monday Everyone!!

This week I want to talk paint paint paint. 

2018-07-29 11.48.13 2.jpg


I love paint colors and the way that paint can change a space. When we moved into our home the walls were a dull color that had been there for a very long time it seemed. I was ready for a refresh but do we go bold or neutral. We both sat down and went back and forth about it, I love grays and whites and soft colors while he loves earth tones.  Our tiny cozy home is filled with all kinds of colors ( they all complement each other well without over taking each other) and I have to say I couldn't be more excited. 

The office has a bold accent wall with a bright orange while the master and guest bedroom are softer colors. We struck gold with almost all of the colors except for the first color in the kitchen. The paint swatch we picked up at the store was reading much darker then the color actually was( it had a surprising yellow undertone) so we changed it that night. We went to the paint store and narrowed down the choices, we ultimately chose Rosemary which is much closer to what we thought we were getting in the other color. Its a darker richer green that adds a nice since of calm to the house. Speaking of calming colors, I recently found an article on the psychology of paint that I found very interesting. The article suggests that blue( one of the most popular paint colors) and green have calming affects. The blues and greens in our house certainly make me feel calm when I see them. The article also suggests that adding pops of orange can invoke creativity, I found that appropriate since the orange in our home is in the office. I have always found it interesting that changing a paint color can change how the space makes you feel. I find this to be so true with our house, our cozy home feels brighter and "bigger" with all of these colors. 

We also changed the exterior of our front door, I was a little apprehensive at first because having a colored door can make a statement. I wanted to make sure we had the right color and I gotta say, Salty Dog on our door is perfect. Every time we see it we are both like "check out our front door" with huge smiles. Changing the paint color up a bit on the exterior as well as the interior has definitely made this house feel more like our home. Below are some of the colors we chose, Do you prefer neutrals or bold vibrant colors?

"Salty Dog" on our door, We are loving it with our new black storm door:)

"Salty Dog" on our door, We are loving it with our new black storm door:)