Whew, let me say it one more time, whew. Time has gotten away from me. I just realized the other day that I have not blogged since September. School this semester has been crazy busy, its my last official semester and I feel like I have not stopped since August.

If you are following me on IG you are probably sick of me talking about this but I cant help myself I had the best time. This past weekend I was able to take a break of sorts and go on an adventure to New York. Let me start by saying that this is a big step for me personally. As an introvert sometimes these kinds of situations can be tough but I will be the first to tell you that I had a BLAST and I can not wait to go back. On Sunday we went to BDNY where we were introduced to hundreds of commercial vendors( 2100 hundred rows of them). I met everyone from fabricators to flooring companies, I was in designer heaven❤❤. ( the slide show below features a few photos from that day)

Sunday night a few of us joined my teacher for dinner and then explored Time Square. I have been down there before but every time I go down there I am blown away by all of the people and the size of it..all of the buildings are hugggeee and lit up at all hours. I loved it, we shopped, went sight seeing and walked around for hours.

My favorite part of the trip was Monday. We visited the Decorations and Design building which houses so many ( I believe 300) different showrooms. Our visits included Elitis, Gloster, Garret Leather, Coco Mat and Maya Romanoff. Each of them offers different and unique things. My favorite part (aside from all of the yummy textiles and materials..yummy seems like an odd word but there isn’t one better for that Sunbrella textile or the leather) was listening to the reps talk about the products they were representing. They were so passionate about the products and the companies they were working for. I also found it interesting that each of the floors had a different look to them when you got off the elevator that reflected the vendors on that floor.

After all of the show rooms a few of my friends and I decided that we wanted to go see a little bit more of New York so we left and went towards central park. I have never been to the park before( we were limited on time so we didn’t really get to go in but we saw part of it from the street). One of my friends suggested that we go see the plaza hotel and I am so glad she did, boy was it something to see ( the mosaic tiles alone had us oohhing and ahhing, not to mention all of the marble). All in all I would say that the best part of the trip was the time I got to spend with my school mates outside of school. We got to get away from the stress and craziness to just be ourselves.

I left New York feeling very inspired with a very full heart❤😍🗽. I am so excited to go back.

my favorite quotes of the weekend: “We love students, we were once there” “We need designers like you” “We are excited for your future”

my favorite quotes of the weekend: “We love students, we were once there” “We need designers like you” “We are excited for your future”