Paint Colors- Some Bold, Some Neutral

Happy Monday Everyone!!

This week I want to talk paint paint paint. 

2018-07-29 11.48.13 2.jpg


I love paint colors and the way that paint can change a space. When we moved into our home the walls were a dull color that had been there for a very long time it seemed. I was ready for a refresh but do we go bold or neutral. We both sat down and went back and forth about it, I love grays and whites and soft colors while he loves earth tones.  Our tiny cozy home is filled with all kinds of colors ( they all complement each other well without over taking each other) and I have to say I couldn't be more excited. 

The office has a bold accent wall with a bright orange while the master and guest bedroom are softer colors. We struck gold with almost all of the colors except for the first color in the kitchen. The paint swatch we picked up at the store was reading much darker then the color actually was( it had a surprising yellow undertone) so we changed it that night. We went to the paint store and narrowed down the choices, we ultimately chose Rosemary which is much closer to what we thought we were getting in the other color. Its a darker richer green that adds a nice since of calm to the house. Speaking of calming colors, I recently found an article on the psychology of paint that I found very interesting. The article suggests that blue( one of the most popular paint colors) and green have calming affects. The blues and greens in our house certainly make me feel calm when I see them. The article also suggests that adding pops of orange can invoke creativity, I found that appropriate since the orange in our home is in the office. I have always found it interesting that changing a paint color can change how the space makes you feel. I find this to be so true with our house, our cozy home feels brighter and "bigger" with all of these colors. 

We also changed the exterior of our front door, I was a little apprehensive at first because having a colored door can make a statement. I wanted to make sure we had the right color and I gotta say, Salty Dog on our door is perfect. Every time we see it we are both like "check out our front door" with huge smiles. Changing the paint color up a bit on the exterior as well as the interior has definitely made this house feel more like our home. Below are some of the colors we chose, Do you prefer neutrals or bold vibrant colors?

"Salty Dog" on our door, We are loving it with our new black storm door:)

"Salty Dog" on our door, We are loving it with our new black storm door:)