My Summer Class- A very special project

Happy Monday everyone. Whew I have been super busy. Cleaning up after demo is no joke! Today I wanted to share what I have been up to for my class this summer.

For my summer class this semester I wanted to do an independent study and teach myself how to use sketch-up. Sketch-up is a computer aided program that allows you to create a 3 D model of things and/or spaces. I chose to create a bedroom suite for a young girl with special needs, specifically a young girl that is medically fragile. A former teacher that I worked very close with at the Cedar Lane School offered to be a second mentor on this project. She has in the past taught home and hospital so I thought she would be perfect for the job. As a person coming into a child's home to teach she would need a few things to help her help the child better. For those who aren't aware( its OK, I got you :)) home and hospital is for kids who are to sick to attend school as well as those who miss a lot of school due to their condition. In this case a teacher like my mentor would create lesson plans, gather supplies and visit the child on the scheduled date. 

snip 1.JPG

For comfort I added a specific desk space for the home and hospital teacher to use. In the event that the child is well enough to sit in their wheel chair I wanted them to be able to be pushed up to the desk. A desk with an open space under it is perfect for that. My mentor mentioned that there have been times when she has gone to teach and the child is still in bed, there is plenty of space for the bed to be rolled to the desk or for the teacher to roll the desk chair over to the bed. I was having a super proud of myself moment(computers and I struggle at times) when I discovered I could import textiles for the window treatments and accent pillows. I found two prints perfect for a young girl:). I also added a cozy chair at the foot of the bed for the child's nurse or care giver to sit in while the teacher is teaching. 

For the bathroom access I wanted to use a door that was easily accessible and didn't take up floor space with a door swing, I thought this paneled barn door was perfect for that. For my design I took the comfort of not only the child into consideration but also that of the care giver. A spacious bathroom with a roll in shower allows the child and the care giver to be in the space and use the space cohesivly.  

snip 2.JPG

Lastly I created a spacious closet that would allow for the child to be rolled in and out of, not only to help pick their clothes out( a girls always gotta shine)n but for them to be cared for. Often times children that are medically fragile require hygiene care as well. I chose to add a dresser with a changing pad out side of the bathroom, it feels less clinical and it also provides a better area for the care giver to move around in. I found a metal "hello beautiful" sign that adds a nice touch to the space, its a fun qoute for a young person to see and to hear. 

snip 3.JPG

Thank you so much for checking out this very special project that is close to my heart. After spending two years in a school where I worked hand in hand with medically fragile children, I can honestly say they changed my life:)

As you scroll through you will see both Duralee fabrics( one for the accent pillows and one for drapes), the Kravet accent chair and the Herman Miller office chair.