My First Lighting Project- Re-purposing Old Bulbs

I have had an interesting start to the semester but I have to say it is going to be a fun one.

For our first lighting project we had to think of a fun way to re-purpose old bulbs. I had a couple of ideas that I thought were for sure going to work but alas they did not. I finally came up with a winner..I call it "Growing Bright Ideas". I love how it turned out, to be honest I think I will be displaying this in my house. I think this idea would also be cute in a classroom or a little kids room(out of reach of course). 

old edison bulbs were used to make "light flowers" 

old edison bulbs were used to make "light flowers" 

The first step was to gather what I bought and lay it out. I bought a small terra cotta pot(it is chipped but I was able to hide it with flower petals), a foam ball, faux floral stems( of various shapes and sizes in the same bouquet) and floral tape at our local Walmart. We had the light bulbs laying around our house from an old fixture, any light bulb would work. 


Step two- gather the tools needed. I used wire cutters and floral tape as well as some muscle grease(more on that later). 


For the third step I decided which floral stems I wanted to keep as flowers and which I wanted to use for the light bulbs. I cut the flowers to various lengths, once they were ready I put the foam ball at the bottom of the pot and placed them in it. I tried to keep the light bulb stems in the center so that they could be supported by the surrounding stems. 


I bent the top of the stem and used some elbow grease to make it into a circle. Once it was in a sort of circular shape I wrapped it around the light bulb base and secured it with floral tape. I wrapped a ton of floral tape around them because I was so worried they wouldn't support the bulbs. Once I had the bulb flowers made I arranged them towards the middle of the pot so that they were in the "meatest" part of the foam ball. By that I mean that I could push them into more foam giving them more support.

I think it turned out great and my teacher really liked all of our projects. Everyone came up with there own creative idea.