Whats been happening over here at Vintage Soul Designs and what is coming..

Hey Y’all, How are you doing?

The holiday season was honestly rather a rough time for me. Without talking about it to much I lost someone near and very very dear to my heart before the holidays. Needless to say it has been a bit of a roller coaster ride of emotions over here. Sometimes in life change comes whether we are prepared for it or not. In keeping that in mind I have been spending the last few weeks writing down my goals and plans for the next few months, there are exciting things in the works over here .

Lately I have been feeling the pull to take some big steps with Vintage Soul( I have business cards y’all!!) I have been looking at what I want to accomplish in the next few months as well as this year. Being able to write it all down has helped me to see that while it is going to take a lot of work I know I can make it happen and that my dreams/ goals are attainable. There is nothing that makes me more happy and excited then to be able to help clients have a house that they love where they can create memories and feel good.

I am excited to share is that I have two projects in the works. My husbands aunt has been gracious enough to send a project my way that I am beyond excited to be a part of, The other project is one that I will be working on with a former classmate, which is so exciting!! This former classmate of mine is someone who I admire and adore. I am hoping, with the clients permission, I am able to share these projects with all of you so stay tuned for those.

Coming up in the next few weeks, I am going to be sharing a few small projects that I have been doing around our house. Thank you so much for stopping by today, I hope you have a great day.